Schleich figures to be retired in 2014

The list of Schleich figures to be discontinued in 2014 is available here.
As to the series I'm most interested in, the following items will be retired:
14362 Meerkat, sitting
14363 Lioness, walking
14396 Gazelle
14609 Zebra, grazing
14613 Warthog sow
14641 African buffalo calf
14676 Four-toed hedgehog

Asia & Australia:
14331 Panda cub
14348 Two-humped camel
14370 Tigress
14383 Tigress, white

14337 Hedgehog
14367 Squirrel
14623 Hedgehog pups
14627 Lynx, female
14628 Lynx cub
14651 Badger Cubs

14253 White-tailed buck
14254 White-tailed doe
14256 White-tailed fawn
14349 American Bison
14604 Raccoon
14646 Wolverine

I have to buy grazing zebra,
buffalo calf and one more warthog sow, I think.

Safari Ltd. 2014!

Now we know what Safari Ltd. will introduce in 2014 (the first among the major brands). And the re some very pleasant surprises!
You can see the whole list of new figurers with hi-res pics here.
And here are three figures that I'm most excited to see:
Anhinga - the first ever on the market among the major brands! Thumbs up!!!

Peccary - the first one among the major brands! Hurray!!!

And, as I'm the fan of Safari's Wings of the World series, I'm glad to see another new bird - the Raven:

Alas, no new trees this year. But I managed to get 4 Safari pine trees before they were discontinued!

Some news on CollectA's plans

Good news for those who are fond of replicas of tree-dwelling animals and birds (i.e. for me ;)). Our fellow collector Numaan, who has contacts in CollectA, has said that "there were going to be at least 3 primates and 3 new birds for 2013, but due to the timespan and deadlines all of these were cut. Honestly the original 2013 list was nearly double the current releases but so many cutbacks were made." 
Even if these plans were postponed to 2014, I'm glad to hear that
CollectA plans to introduce at least 3 (!) primates and 3 new birds. Hopefully, all of those primates are monkeys and not apes.

Schleich 2013: official pictures!

The pictures of new Schleich figurines to be launched in January 2013 became available today, on November the 13th.
All the pics with numerous comments can be found at STS forum. I'll repost here only 4 pics with the wildlife figurines I like the most.
Here are my Schleich-2013 must-haves #1 - the Griffon Vulture, and #2 - the otter:

New chimps family looks interesting, but photos could be deceptive - let's wait and see them on store shelves:

I'm glad to see the new macaws (especially the blue-yellow one), but I wonder how big will the figurines be:

Well, there'll be a new Schleich hippo at last, but I don't like its turned head and opened mouth. Nevertheless, the baby croc is very good (it's my must-have as well), and the baby hippo too::

There were rumours about a new snake in 2013, but no news yet. Maybe it'll be released in May?