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Collecting animal figures (Schleich et al.)

Owners of miniature zoos on shelves, unite!

Collecting animal figures (Schleich et al.)



Skipped Back 10

November 8th, 2012

In February-2011 I posted my personal Top-10 of the most promising and exciting new animal replicas for my taste, based on the first official pictures. Now, after almost 1,5 years have passed, I've seen most of this figures in person and others - on fan's pictures, and would like to update the list with my impressions. Official photos are very deceptive sometimes! ;)

So, here’s my Top-10 of 2011 must-haves in decreasing order with today's comments:

1. Bullyland Lammergeier (What a surprise - Bully on the 1st place of my personal chart!! Never though I'd ever say that...) - I've received it just the day before yesterday. Well, I'm a bit disappointed with its quality - it's a great bird species, but the figurine itself is not one of the best, although a good one.
2. Papo Mandrill (a monkey at last!!! and it looks good!) - I've seen it on fan's pictures and decided not to buy for my collection...
3. Safari Capybara (every new S. American species is precious for me, and this one seems to be in scale with my other neotropical critters) - I've got it and it's a real masterpiece! the best newcomer of 2011, no doubt!
4. Schleich Kudu - A good replica. Although I've bought it only last month, after 1,5 years of its presence on the market...
5. Schleich Badger - It looks good on catalogue photos, but not so good in reality. I've bought it last month too, but my "badger-of-a-dream replica" has not been produced yet...
6. Schleich Cape Buffalo - 
A good replica, but not excellent. It reminds me a domesticated bull rather than a wild buffalo ...
7. Papo Young Lioness... that appeared to be a young male! :D :)) A good figurine too., but I'm not gonna buy it soon.
8. Papo Marmot - very nice replica! I've just received it, and it's a rare case when actual figurine looks better than on photos!!
9. Bullyland Common Buzzard - I've bought it in February-2011 right away, and I like it. 
10. Schleich Grey Goose - too large in size, unfortunately...

Speaking about must-haves, today I'd turn this Top-10 into Top-7 and change the order of figures this way:

1. Safari Capybara
2. Papo Marmot
3. Schleich Kudu
4. Bullyland Common Buzzard
5. Bullyland Lammergeier
6. Schleich Cape Buffalo
7. Schleich Badger

November 3rd, 2012

At last there'll be an American tapir on the market!!!

And the calf:

Many thanks to CollectA for deciding to make this species!

October 29th, 2012

I emailed Collecta to ask which figurines is the company going to retire next year. They kindly provided me with the list (I'm glad it's so short!):

Mythical Creature & Soldiers
Item# English Desc. Pack Page Replacement
89303 Griffin PP 157
89305 Poseidon PP 162

Prehistoric Life Collection - Deluxe Bulk
Item# English Desc. Pack Page
88247 Ankylosaurus - Deluxe 1:40 Deluxe 17 replaced by 88639

Horse Collection - Bulk
88104 Shetland Pony Palomino M 74 replaced by 88603/ 88604
88152 Clydesdale Bay Sabino XL 80 replaced by 88620/ 88621
88153 Clydesdale Brown XL 80 replaced by 88620/ 88621
88155 Clydesdale Grullo Sabino XL 80 replaced by 88620/ 88621
88162 Shetland Pony Black M 75 replaced by 88603/ 88604
88163 Shetland Pony White M 74 replaced by 88603/ 88604
88164 Shetland Pony Chestnut M 75 replaced by 88603/ 88604
88170 Corral Fence Bulk 85 replaced by 89471
88310 Haflinger Mare XL 77 replaced by 88579

Cats & Dogs Collection - Bulk
88323 British Shorthair Cat - Sitting S 145 replaced by 88490
88324 British Shorthair Cat - Stretching S 145 replaced by 88491

No wild animals will be discontinued. And I'm glad to know it!

Moreover, they said they will release some photos of new items to their Facebook from November.

October 28th, 2012

Our Portuguese friend Rogerio from STS Forum shared the list of Mojo figures to be retired in 2013:

387038 White Tailed Deer Stag
387018 Leopard
387023 Moose
387064 Iberian Lynx
387069 Arabian Stallion Black
387084 Arabian Stallion Chestnut
387100 Red Holstein Calf standing
387101 Red Holstein calf laying down
387102 Red Holstein Cow

Red Holstein Cattle will be repainted to Jersey Cattle. Deer, Moose and Arabian horses will be replaced for new sculpts. 
Leopard and Iberian Lynx will receive new and improved painting!

October 18th, 2012

When making a remodeling in my apartment I had to dismantle my second African display (the old cabinet it was located in has left to dumping ground). All its animals now have a rest in boxes :(
I took some final pictures and want to post them here as a farewell or swansong of my Africa-in-a-cabinet.

Here's a photo from below (without flash, as I prefer to do):

Low angle close-up - as it looks from my daughters' bed:

General view from above:

Yeah, the display became a bit too crowded in two years - you can compare it with how it looked at the beginning.

And here's the picture I've taken for Mojo photo contest. It's called "This prey is too much..."

October 15th, 2012

Guys from STS forum have found and posted the list of new Schleich-2013 figures - here.
It's rather early for this info!

Macaws, vulture and viper sound very good. Hopefully they'll be realistic and not too large! 

September 14th, 2012

Schleich 2013?

It's already September, so the time has come to the question: what will Schleich introduce in 2013?
Last year the info about what Schleich was going to introduce in 2012 was gained in the first days of November. A year before, in 2010, the list of novelties was published on November, 3. In 2009, we knew the info of the upcoming Schleich line-up unusually early - on October, 15. In 2008 and 2007 we got the info in December.
Hopefully, this year we’ll know everything as early as possible. And let's hope the new stuff won't disappoint us, collectors!!!

As to my guesswork of what we might see... After my failed forecast about “Asian wave” for 2011, I’m afraid to predict anything about Schleich’s plans. This company’s production strategy seems to be unpredictable and defying collector’s logic… 
Actually, we can try to find some hints in the Schleich 2012 new stuff brochure. Although the hints are rather weak:
- "Im Zuge der Familienbildung wurden viele attraktive Tierfamilien komplettiert..." - does it mean we'll see more babies for "childless parents" in 2013? Maybe tapir calf? Or croc baby??
- "Mit den Gorillas erscheint eine neue und sehr populäre Affenfamilie im Schleich® Programm." - should we expect to see a "reintroduction" of other ape families Schleich had previously made? (orangutans? or new chimps?)
- "Mit dem Wanderfalken erweitern wir das erfolgreiche Segment der Raubvögel" - if this segment is "erfolgreich" (successful), maybe we'll see a new bird of prey?

February 3rd, 2012

I’d like to share pictures of my newcomer – brand new Safari Ltd Barn Owl.
To my mind, Wings of the World Series is the real gem of Safari Ltd. model range, and this bird is the only addition to the series this year.
So, let’s take a look.

So, let’s take a look!Collapse )

January 18th, 2012

Hurray! New CollectA catalogue has already been published online with all the exciting 2012 models! Here it is: http://www.collecta.biz/catalogue/#/1/

December 27th, 2011

Today, on December 26th, the pics of new Papo 2012 figures became availbale to the collector's socity! Here's the link to their PDF (in Russian): http://www.ftk-toys.ru/images/PAPO_2012_new.pdf
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